About Mtunzini Primary School

Mtunzini is a very special and unique village school.

Mtunzini Primary School is celebrating! Together with current and past pupils, teachers and parents, you are cordially invited to join the celebration! For more info on festivities, please contact the office on 035 340 1620 or click here.

Mtunzini Primary school is a school with vision, where each child gets every opportunity to develop to their full potential. Where each pupil can remain an individual; a person with potential just waiting to be unlocked by motivated, dedicated and professional staff. 

The amazing parental support over the years has ensured that this school has continued to thrive and develop into an institution that has played a valuable role in shaping the lives of many young people. 

We offer an all round education, where cultural, sporting and academic activities are of equal importance for the development of the pupils. 

The School Song

Here you can see far across the sea 
Waves rolling in endlessly,
This is our school
Steadfast and true.
Proud of it are we, be sure!
For many years children have come here,
Contributions they have made.
We shall do the same,
Sincerity maintain,
Mtunzini Primary School!

Lyrics by Mr. D. Vorster (acting Principal) 1975