A summary of Mtunzini Primary School History

We are very proud of what we have achieved over the years, and may it continue, with the huge community support in Mtunzini and surrounding areas, we are blessed to have such a great school in such beautiful surroundings.

We are grateful for the outstanding community support that has enabled us to achieve so much over the years.

The first school building...today it is our music room       

1917: (1 August) First 11 pupils enrol at “Mtunzini Government Aided School”.

1918: Name changes to Mtunzini Government School.  

1919: Among 15 pupils in total, there were English, Dutch, French, Italian and Greek learners.

1920: New school building erected.

1921: 300 trees planted around the school.

1925: Natural Science taught for the first time - added to Mathematics, spelling, composition, reading and       


1926: 2 new school classrooms built (current Junior primary block).

1941: First PTA committee formed. Tennis starts at the local tennis club.  Official opening of first library.

1942: New sports grounds laid out with a netball court and cricket nets.

1952: 3 acres of land added to school premises. 

1953: Queen Elizabeth II Coronation - school closed for 3 days. 

1955: Dual medium (English & Afrikaans) lessons begin. 

1963: Swimming lessons begin in the Siyayi River. 

1964: Swimming moved to the Hotel pool and first Gala held. Pupils divided into Leopards and Lions. 

1967: Celebrated Golden Jubilee. Planted trees in Jubilee Park. 

1971: Separate medium classes introduced. Name changes to Mtunzini Primary School.      

1975: Words and music of the school song written. 

1982: Official opening of the school pool. 

1983: PE uniforms worn for the first time. 

1992: 75th Anniversary and celebrations. 

1993: Admin block and school hall built. New school hours. Library opened.

1995: New double storey classroom block completed.

2003: Opening of the sports pavilion. 

2006: Opening of school uniform shop "The Clobber Shop". 

2006: Outdoor chess board installed.

2007: Upgrade of the computer centre through donation of 19 computers by the DG Murray Trust. 

2007: Downstairs boys and girls bathrooms redone.

2007: Air conditioners installed in all classrooms.

2007: Data projector installed in the hall.

2007: 90th Anniversary and celebrations.

2008: Mtunzini Primary Marimba band began.

2008: First Smartboards installed in classrooms.

2008: 4 June; Petros Mbamboi passed away after 32 years of valuable service to the school.

2009: Prefect system replaced with leadership portfolios.

2009: (15 April) Dominique Skinner represented Natal at SA Champs and got 2nd place in the hurdles event.

2009: (31 December) Mrs M J Dallas leaves her post as principal after 16 years of service.

2010: (18 March) Daniel Rust participated in SA Athletics Championships and came third in U13 Boys’ shotput.

2010: (10 December) Mrs R van Vuuren completes a successful year as acting principal.

2011: (14 February) Mrs R Beath begins her role as principal.  

2011: Senior Primary block paved and trees planted.

2013: (6 June) Roof added onto sports pavilion.

2014: Upgrade of Computer centre – computers donated by BHP Biliton.

2014: Paving done around pool sponsored by Tronox.

2015: Astro turf installed in Foundation Phase block.

2015: Cricket nets upgraded.

2015: New high jump mats sponsored by Acer Africa

2015: Wifi installed throughout the whole school - hardware sponsored by ArcNet.

2015: Medium Mdletshe retires after 46 years of loyal service to Mtunzini Primary.

2016: Upgrade of hall toilets and foyer.

2016: (26 August) New jungle gym installed in Foundation Phase block.

2017: We will be celebrating 100 years of Mtunzini Primary School. Join in the celebration!