Tours & Outings

Educational tours have always been an integral part of teaching and learning at Mtunzini Primary School. Tours and outings are structured to include a diverse range of cultural, historical and environmental learning experiences and provide a wonderful opportunity for personal and social development as pupils interact with their classmates outside the class and home environment.


 One of the many wonderful opportunities our pupils have had over the years is that of our entrepreneurship programme, which is run alongside the subject of Economic and Management Sciences. This programme is offered to all senior phase pupils of the school and is the most effective way for pupils to gain first -hand knowledge of the business world.


 Throughout the week, our classes and corridors are alive with the sound of music! The school is vibrant with live music from young voices singing and the sound of recorders, pianos and marimbas.

Grade 1 - 3 children are taught to read music while they learn words to a song through the medium of recorders.

Our Senior Primary choir regularly participates in eisteddfods and festivals.

The school marimba band performs regularly and represents the school at many community events.

Our bi-annual school musical is a highlight in the community and involves every pupil in the school.


 Drama allows children to express themselves both verbally and non verbally. They learn to use their imagination and increase their self-confidence.

Children learn to work on their own and in a group where listening, sharing and tolerance are encouraged. These are skills that they will take with them through life.  All Grade 4-7 pupils attend drama lessons.


 At Mtunzini Primary School, our staff and pupils are fortunate to have the use of a Computer Centre. 

We have a total of 16 workstations in the Computer Centre, which allows one-on-one accessibility for the learners as they attend lessons half a class at a time.

Grade 1, 2 and 3 lessons are focussed on basic computer skills involving working with the mouse, typing and general computer knowledge.  We use a variety of educational programs that develop mathematics, literacy, logic and spatial skills.

In Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 , we start to use Microsoft Office programs including MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel and MS Publisher.  Usually, projects that are done throughout the term are linked to a theme that is being covered in one of the other academic subjects.  All work required for the projects is done within the computer lessons – this in turn exposes the learners (within a controlled and safe environment) to the internet, file management and general Windows knowledge and skills.  We also have many educational programs such as CAMI Maths and Readers are Leaders   which are used to reinforce class work and encourage academic progress.

In Grade 7 the program is extended to include computer theory, where topics such as computer terminology, the internet, computer crime and file management are covered.

Our goal is for the pupils of Mtunzini Primary School to leave here with a sound knowledge of computers and software which they will be able to apply successfully both at high school and later on in life.